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It seems that lately a lot of my blog friends have been bummed out. Going trough difficult times or just feeling the "blah" effects of still having the kids home. (When does school start again? lol)

I thought I would be kind of nice to do a post about your favorite ever summer drink. Whether it be alcoholic or not, post about what your favorite summer drink is. And if you are so inclined, share the recipe with us! Just leave a comment on this post and I will advertise that you have played! I'm hoping to get some CrazySexyCool recipes to try out this summer! And maybe find a new favorite for you!

Of course, you wouldn't think I would leave you without adding my own recipe would you?

Crazy.Sexy.Cool. Slush
You need a 4litre ice cream pail to store this in
In total you will need to use 7 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
4 Green Tea flavored teabags
2sm or 1 lg can of frozen lemonade
2sm or 1 lg can of frozen orange juice

Put 2 cups of boiling water in the icecream pail and add the sugar. Stir to dissolve.
Meanwhile in another 2 cups of boiling water soak the 4 green tea bags until desired doneness. I usually leave them for 10 minutes.
Drain tea bags and add tea to the sugar/water.
Add the additional 3 cups of water and the cans of frozen juice.
Stir until well mixed and the frozen juice is melted.
Then comes the good part....
Add 1 26 oz. Bottle of your choice of vodka, rum, rye or gin (I make the vodka version, and really don't like the rum version, even though I like rum)
Mix thourouly
Put in freezer until slushy=semi frozen (this usually takes overnight)

To mix, fill the glass half to 3/4 full of slush and top up with cold water or pop of your choice. (I have been using a pc brand pop called sparkling pomegranate, but 7-up and cran tastes good too)

Hope you like it! I can't wait to hear about your Crazy.Sexy.Cool Summer Drink!
*EDIT* I even made this cheezy button

(so kill me, I'm a spaz! lol)
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At 10:37 AM, Blogger seeingdouble said...

I may have to make this on Friday! Sounds yummy!    

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Oh I love that slushi mix.....I've actually got that recipe on my fridge...but I don't have room in my freezer to make it so everytime I look at it I say "I've got to eat some stuff in my freezer so I have room to make this" but then I never do : -(    

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